Valuable messages are easier to find in your ClearKey Inbox. We call it a "Trending" inbox, because you deserve to know before you open if a message has any value.

Eliminate Spam From Businesses

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Eliminate Spam

Using a ClearKey inbox means peace of mind that only what you want will be inside.

You'll know everything about the message that was sent.

Each message tells you how popular that message is with other people through a view and save count.


Control Designed

ClearKey accomplishes this control through our browser extension and our subscription buttons on partner websites.

No need to give a junk email account anymore. Just click a ClearKey Pass and you are in total control.

These buttons are typically found next to email sign-up fields.

We all get too many emails from businesses. We created ClearKey to stop spam and give you control over what businesses can send you and when.

You get control right from the start with our ClearKey Passes:

Seasonal Passes

Day Pass

Lasts 1 day

Lasts 3 months


Lasts all year

Total Control

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Chrome Extension

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